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No Minimum Usage or Annual Membership Fees
Accurate, Understandable Summary Reports with Supporting Background Data!

Why should I do a Background Check on Possible Tenants?
Tenant screening will improve your long-term occupancy rates, will diminish financial losses, will prevent property damage, will decrease late payments, will lower the cost of evictions, will combat criminal activity, will reduce your exposure to lawsuits stemming from premise liability, and will ensure that you are compliant with Fair Housing and Fair Credit Report acts.

How do I get started?
Simply fill out our User Agreement, and return it to us by fax, mail or e-mail. Once the signed agreement is received, we're ready to go! Have your prospective tenant fill out and sign the rental application, and you can fax, mail or e-mail it to us any time.

How much does it cost?
A credit report only is $16.00 per person, a primary report is $27.00 per person, and a comprehensive report is $36.00 per person, comprehensive plus report is $38.00 per person. A prospective employee verification starts at $53.00.

Are there any setup costs?
The only setup charge is for a credit bureau required on-site inspection. There are no membership dues, sign-up fees, account maintenance fees or hidden costs.

How do I pay?

AccuSearch mails invoices on the first day of every month. If invoiced, payment is due upon receipt. You are always welcome to mail payment to us at the time of each applicant is screened.

How long does it take to get the information?
That depends on the type of report you request. For a credit report only, our general turnaround time is two business hours or less. For our Primary report (credit and court records), our general turnaround time is four business hours or less. For our Comprehensive report (credit report, court records, current and prior rental references, employment verification, bank account verification and sex offender search), our general turnaround time is six business hours or less. With the Comprehensive report, we at times need to leave a message for a landlord or employer, and they do not return our calls in a timely manner. We will have the bulk of the applicant's history to you within the six hours, and will send you the follow-up verification as soon as it is received.

How current is your information?
AccuSearch accesses the credit bureaus and court records in real time. We do not rely on in-house databases or buy archived information from other screening agencies.

What if I deny an applicant?
The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that a "Denial Letter" be given to ALL applicants that are screened and denied. AccuSearch can provide you with a copy of the denial letter. If an applicant wants to see a copy of the report, we ask that you have the applicant contact us directly. Please DO NOT give a copy of the report to the applicant. All applicants are entitled to know what information was reported, and we will take the steps necessary explain how to obtain a copy of the information.